Rain Baby Rain

June 25, 2023

If the rain were as plentiful on the farm as the baby animals, we would be in great shape. The goats have been popping out kids left and right keeping Matthew extra busy. The fact that they have a guard pig living with them and keeping predators at bay is unique but to watch the two interact is something to see. Momma Pig has definitely claimed them as her own. 

In addition to baby goats we have lots of cute baby calves, baby geese on the pond and so far this year we've had 2400 baby chicks go through the brooder. So there are babies and cuteness all around the ranch right now.

Like many other farmers we are praying for rain. It's been a long hot dry spell here in Henry County, Illinois and we need a good soaking rain. We've received a little over the weekend, but hopeful for more soon. The cattle are here at Ranch 226 and they are blessed to have plenty of green forage. There are about 45 days of grazing left here on the first rotation around the ranch. Our concern is the slow regrowth with the lack of rain.


When we bought the ranch there was no well on the property. We drilled a well and use solar panels to charge a bank of batteries that run the pump to fill our holding tank. With the use of our hose reel and endless garden hoses, we run water all around the ranch to thirsty cows, chickens and pigs. It's one of our biggest challenges to make sure their tanks are full and the connections and hoses are leak free. 


Each drop of water is precious. If it comes from the sky or from our well it brings life to the ranch.

From the farm,


Robyn Bottens

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