2/pkg Breasts Boneless/Skinless

2/pkg Breasts Boneless/Skinless

$11.95 /lb.
Avg. 10.4 oz.

This package contains 2 boneless/skinless breasts and no plumping/brining solution. The breasts may be “tougher” than what you are used to from factory farms.

Our Boneless/Skinless breasts come from our Freedom Ranger (red colored) birds.  They take 50% longer to grow than the industry standard Cornish Cross (white).  Our heritage birds have smaller breasts but bigger wings and thighs.  This longer growing period and smaller breasts can increase the granularity of the breasts. Be careful to not overcook past 165 degrees.  Brine or tenderize yourself and cut cross the grain for the best experience.

Factory farmed breasts are larger, more tender, are often salt brined and “plumped” with chemicals you probably are unaware of.  It makes their breasts tender and easy to prepare  

We also offer Bone-In, Skin-On breasts which makes roasting and grilling much more forgiving and the beneficial nutrients from the skin, fat, and bone are not lost.