Brat Bundle

Brat Bundle

Every Brat and Link we offer

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Do you hate making decisions? Or do you want to try all of our awesome pork and beef brats? Then this is the perfect bundle for you!  20 pounds of Brats, Links, and Patties

Made the old fashioned way with natural casings and twisted by hand. This bundle includes:

Heritage Timber Pork:

6 pkg Brats - Original

2 pkg Brats - Cheese

2 pkg Brats - Jalapeño & Cheese

3 pkg Italian Sausage Links

1 pkg 1/4 lb Brat Patties

1 pkg 1/3 lb Brat Patties

Grassfed & Finished Beef:

1 pkg Beef Brats - Original

3 pkg Old Fashioned Beef Wieners

1 pkg Beef Italian Sausage Links

All are MSG Free and No Nitrates/Nitrites except those naturally occurring in celery juice powder.

Updated 12/23/23



Ingredients are listed on individual items